Paul P. Magallanes is president and founder of Magallanes Associates International. He retired from the FBI as Special Agent after a distinguished 21-year career in law enforcement. As president of the firm, he directs all activities in investigations, training and consultation.

He began his career with the FBI in Tampa, Florida, where he was one of the first FBI agents nationally to work in an undercover capacity. Due to his expertise, Mr. Magallanes was instrumental in numerous diverse cases such as, the Watergate Burglary where he developed the first source of information which ultimately led to the relinquishing of the Presidency; the Greylord Case, wherein corrupt Cook County judges in Chicago were exposed when Mr. Magallanes, while in an undercover capacity, was jailed and later, became a national fugitive under an alias; and in Los Angeles, the John De Lorean drug case when Mr. Magallanes was responsible for securing one half million dollars, in lots of $100 bills, for the purchase of cocaine.

He coordinated overall security as FBI representative for the 1984 Olympic Command Headquarters in Los Angeles.

Mr. Magallanes received FBI Quality Service Salary Increase Awards; eighty-five commendations, citations and superior performance awards for outstanding investigative and undercover efforts from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

He was selected by Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the "100 Most Influential Hispanics in the Nation."

Mr. Magallanes has been interviewed in the international media regarding MAI's kidnap prevention, response and multilingual ransom negotiation programs and on corporate security issues, executive protection and international security. He has appeared on Spanish language Univision Television Productions beamed throughout the U.S. and in Latin America and was prominently featured on the "Super Morning Show," an Asahi Japanese Television Network program which was broadcast in Japan. His commentary dealt with the investigation of the celebrated JonBenet Ramsey Murder, with Peruvian terrorists and with kidnappings of Japanese businessmen in the Americas.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also interviewed Mr. Magallanes with respect to hostage survival, i.e., demeanor during captivity, hostage negotiations and on the subsequent release and aftermath.

Mr. Magallanes' expertise regarding personal protection of executives abroad and on security issues of multinational companies doing business in Mexico and in Latin America is frequently sought by foreign and domestic television and print media for his expert commentary.

Mr. Magallanes holds his Master of Science, Administration of Justice degree from the American University in Washington D.C., and his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Mary's College in Winona, Minnesota. He attended Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago, IL and has completed work toward his Ph.D. in Law Enforcement Management Studies, also from the American University.

He is an active member and leader in numerous law enforcement, social, business and cultural organizations.