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Magallanes Associates International, Inc. (MAI) is a global security risk management, corporate investigative and security engineering and design corporation, and since 1990, has been providing clients with a full range of security services. The firm features former FBI and U.S. Secret Service Special Agents, U.S Marshals and police professionals together with U.S. Military, Delta Force, Navy Seal and Marine Corps, protective and security specialists. These former government experts are widely acknowledged as unsurpassed in investigative skills, in the execution of multinational security operations and in the protection of high ranking government officials, dignitaries and heads of state, including the President of the United States and corporate officers and directors.

In these stressful times, it is comforting to know that MAl has significant experience in complex security management issues especially in the assessment and appraisal and mitigation of business security risks regarding Corporate Espionage or the theft of Business Intelligence. In that regard, it is imperative for businesses and high worth individuals to know that their conversations are secure from unauthorized eavesdropping in offices, boardrooms, residences, vehicles, airplanes, watercrafts, Presidential Palaces and Government Ministry Offices, and other areas where there is an Expectation of Privacy. MAl provides Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), also referred to as "de-bugging" or "sweeps", or "electronic surveillance", but more correctly defined as the detection of active and passive eavesdropping devices, to its domestic and international corporate clients, foreign governments and to high net worth private individuals.

Moreover, MAl has evaluated Access-Control Identification Card and Credentialing Systems, produced Security and Emergency Management Division Restructuring Plans, and has conducted Security Surveys and Risk Analysis, Assets Protection, Physical Security, Crisis Management, Facility Security Design, and Security Force Training and Management (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese), at major U.S. and foreign manufacturing plants, international airports, military installations, in seaports, at Maritime Hazardous Material (HAZMA T) terminals, and at the largest municipal utility in the nation, in detection of terrorist threats.

MAl clients are multinational Fortune I 00 and 500 companies, which span the full range of business enterprise: Civil Aviation Transportation Sector; Mining, Energy, Utilities, Gas & Petroleum Sectors; Commercial & Industrial Sectors; Railway Transportation Sector; Sports, Media, & Entertainment Sectors; Tele-Communications Sector; Pharmaceutical, Public Health & Education Sectors; Food & Agriculture Sectors; Banking, Financing, Insurance Sectors; National & Special Events; Domestic and International Law Firms and Legal Services Sector; Government Sector - Municipal, County & State, US Agencies & Military and Installations; Foreign Government Sector; High Net Worth Private Individual Sector.

MAl helps high net worth private individuals and business entities reduce their exposure to domestic and global threats and risk with Executive Protection Details, and by protecting employees and assets, and by conducting security services for sensitive and discreet assignments in Mexico, Latin America and in other high risk countries performed by MAl in-country professionals.

MAl's associates have hundreds of years of government and corporate experience and the firm has earned a sterling reputation for outstanding security and investigative expertise. Moreover, the professional background of the MAl staff speaks of the firm's comprehension and qualifications in conducting Corporate Investigations, Security Risk Management, Security Operations and Security Engineering and Design, with domestic and international capabilities.

Services are performed by MAI associates and by a proven network of a wide range of high level foreign FBI National Academy Graduates, i.e., collaborating FBI trained in-country police executives and military officials with whom MAI enjoys close working relationships, and strategically placed resources and contacts based throughout the U.S., the Americas, Europe and Asia. This talented and multilingual corps of experienced professionals, unmatched in the security field, creates a formidable, distinctive and powerful apparatus in security assessments and surveys, business risk analysis, security risk program management, and investigative issues with recommended solutions facing transnational corporate clients. MAI teams work discreetly, primarily through well-established confidential contacts and alliances. Our specialists comprise experience and breadth of resources and possess comprehensive area knowledge and their language fluency gives them the ability to function as natives in foreign countries.



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